Thank your for your donation.

On behalf of the Uzbek-American Association of Chicago (UAAC), I would like to express my
gratitude for your generous donation to our community.
With your financial and moral support, we will be able to keep the UAAC’s cultural center
building to continue as well as expand our growing activities. Particularly, we plan to keep
offering the weekend Uzbek classes, promote Uzbek culture, and educate our youth to
preserve our cultural, social and spiritual heritage.
Furthermore, our goal is to unite our countrymen living in the USA, offer them every kind of
moral and practical help, in addition to introduce Uzbekistan as well as Uzbeks to fellow
Please, join us in our future events and support our unity.

NOTE: We would like to remind that UAAC is a non-profit organization, thus all of your
financial support is tax deductible.

Eldor Ashurov